Fully automatic hydraulic controlled swaging machine for band saw blades

Swaging twice - shaping once

  • Our swaging machine of type STA has a robust steel design. The machine is hydraulically controlled and equipped for band saws.
  • Swaging densifies the tooth point of the saw tooth of what results a smoother and more accurate cut of the wood and a higher production.
  • The same tooth can be swaged once or twice and shaped in a single pass.
  • Suitable to swage and shape band saw blades up to 360 mm of width of all common dimensions (maximum 3.0 mm thickness).
  • The use of proven components and aggregates as well as in-process quality control are the base for operational safety, optimum work results and durability.

  • The die is mounted in bearings on both sides. It can be used on 10 different positions.
  • Easy to operate due to the latest state of technology with a SPS control unit. The control-panel is well arranged and accessible.
  • The blade feed is effected by the swage die so that accurate positioning of the saw tooth is guaranteed.
  • The clearance- and the rake angle, the width to be shaped and the tooth pitch are easily set according to scales, without changing any machinery parts.
  • Integrated centralized height adjustment of the saw blade and feed limit stop for variable tooth pitch.
  • The latest CE-regulations are completely observed. The electrical equipment corresponds with IEC-60204-1 standards.