Thode Knife & Saw Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services to support the products we manufacture and to create value for our customers. Please see below for more detailed information on the services Thode Knife & Saw can provide to your business.


Bandsaw Servicing

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd can service all types and all sizes of bandsaws. Thode has an absolute commitment to quality and this has seen the recent purchase of a number of pieces of state of the art machinery for the servicing of bandsaws. The new machinery enables Thode to deliver more accurate, more consistent and more reliable saws to our customers with reduced lead times. As the market leader we feel that we have a responsibility to remain at the forefront of our industry and offer our customers the very best saws technology can provide.

Water cut band saws

Thode have invested in high pressure water cutting technology to improve and supply Band saw-strip un-blemished to the band saw manufacturing process.

This process sees the start of the band saw manufacturing process start as we intend to finish with the highest quality to hit the market.

With the water cutting technology we start with a saw ribbon that is absolutely flat and true without harsh punch deformation in the gullets and no heat applied to the saw ribbon.

Without doubt and from a Saw Doctors point of view this process is the very best way to start to process of manufacturing a high quality band saw. 


Iseli RZ1 CNC Levelling and Tensioning Center

The vast majority of wide bandsaws are manufactured and serviced at our Rotorua manufacturing plant. Thode Rotorua operates Iseli RZ1 fully automatic CNC levelling and tensioning centre’s. These machines are world renowned for the consistency and accuracy of the levelling, tensioning and back crown process they are able to deliver. These machine centres assist our qualified saw doctors to produce and deliver the very best saws we can to our customers on a daily basis.


Iseli CNC 3 & 4 Axis Iseli Profile grinders

Thode Knife and Saw also have in Rotorua the most up to date Iseli CNC controlled Bandsaw sharpening profile grinders, they utilise CBN wheels that have unbelievable grinding ability and wheel life, whilst retaining the original wheel shape. These wheels are immersed in purpose produced cutting oil that supports the life of the wheel whilst enhancing the grind. These particular machines handle the sharpening of any type of Bandsaw configuration, with variable pitch and variable depth configurations being so important to the saw milling fraternity right now. The Iseli CNC grinders consistently deliver accurately ground very sharp saws, superseding the traditional dry grinding process of the past.


Iseli SAA Fully Automatic Stellite Tipper

For those customers that run a stellite programme Thode have two Iseli SAA fully automatic stellite tippers installed. These machines offer very accurate tip placement and utilise a preformed densified stellite rod that has the very best resistance to failure in the cutting process, this accurate placement of the tip assists in the profile and side grinding process again assisting Thode to produce an accurately tipped saw for our customers.


EM300 CNC Dual Side Grinder & BNF 100 Side Grinder

To compliment the work the SAA fully automatic stellite tippers do, Thode have several Iseli side grinders in the factory, one being the latest EM300 CNC Dual side Grinder. These machines again utilise the use of CBN grinding wheels immersed in oil, again supporting the consistency and accuracy of the side ground stellite tips.


STA Fully Automatic Swage and Shape Machine

For those customers that require swaged and shaped saws, Thode has installed an Iseli STA fully automatic swage and shaper. This machine increases the accuracy and consistency of swage and shape results.



CAD Drawing / CNC Machining

At Thode Knife and Saw Ltd we have CAD (computer aided design) capability and the ability to machine using our CNC machining centre. This capability gives Thode’s the ability to design and machine products to your specific requirements and in most cases delivery within 4 weeks. Products can be created from drawings from other CAD programmes, from hand drawn dimensions or they can be designed from scratch to exactly fit your unique requirements.

Computer Aided Design Capability

CNC Machining Center


Circular Saw Servicing

At Thode Knife and Saw Ltd we can manufacture service all types and sizes of circular saws. Thode has A fully automatic CNC robotic grinding station. This gives us the ability to precision grind circular saws to an accuracy of within 0.006 microns. CX100 grinders and the Kahny and Kirschner automatic tippers combine to offer unparrelled quality, accuracy and consistency. Levelling and tensioning of all circular saws is carried out by experienced , qualified sawdoctors.


Improvement / Troubleshooting Consultation

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd staff includes some of the most experienced people available in the industry. Collectively they have many of years of experience in sawmilling and timber machining operations. Key members of this team undertake both troubleshooting and improvement projects for customers. Because they are very experienced and constantly being exposed to industry best practice throughout Australasia they are able to quickly identify and recommend action to increase the efficiency of your operation.



Industrial Knife Manufacture and Sharpening

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd has the ability to manufacture and precision sharpen all types of industrial knives and cutters. Pulverizer Blades, Guillotine blades, granulator blades, chipper blades, veneer knives, shear blades and planer blades are a speciality. Utilising large, powerful, magnetic base sharpening machinery combined with microhoning technology Thode can deliver more accurate more reliable and more consistent sharpening of your blades.


Tool and Cutter Sharpening

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch branches are very experienced in the area of tool and cutter sharpening. Our staff and our machinery allow us to sharpen TCT finger joint cutters, grooving cutters, profile cutters and a huge variety of router bits, drills, rotor broaches and other types of tooling. If you have tooling or cutters that need to be sharpened Thode has the machinery to sharpen it.


Van Pick up / Drop Off

Thode Knife & Saw Ltd Operate a fleet of service vans. These vans are on the road for your convenience for pick up and drop off of your servicing work. They operate in Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch and outlying areas. The service can be used for single pickups and drop offs or we can call on your business regularly to fit your requirements. If you would require a van pick up please call on the numbers below.


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