Levelling, tensioning and straightening of band saw blades has traditionally been a highly labour-intensive job which could only be performed in individual steps by highly skilled and qualified operating personnel.

The ISELI benching centre lets you level, tension and straighten your band saw blades in a single operation. The measurement is performed over the entire blade using high-resolution sensors. This method is patented and ensures best results!

Fully automatic measuring, levelling, tensioning and straightening in a single clamping operation.

Considerable simplification of work processes for operating human resource’s.

Our CNC-controlled levelling, tensioning and back measuring-adjusting centre completely addressed these higher standards and requirements to meet today’s needs.

Full enclosure of the entire working area. Complete personnel protection. Operation of the machine by use of a touch screen monitor or with a normal keyboard.

Conception and design of the machine are very operator friendly. That means short programming times, rapid familiarisation and flexible deployment of operating personnel at short notice.

The use of proven components and aggregates as well as in-process quality control are the basis for operational safety, optimum work results and durability.

Only one machine for levelling, tensioning and straightening, thus requiring less space.

The optimal accessibility of the maintenance elements and the separation between the machine area and working area make service and maintenance quicker and easier.

The order of levelling, tensioning and back measuring-adjusting can be selectively called and programmed. The values can be downloaded, and the programme recalled with the same values for duplication of saw blades of the same specification at a later time. This allows for accurate and consistent results time after time.

Best results by using the latest software architecture. There are unlimited possibilities for saving the software.

Optional possibility of printing and logging of the blade data’s at certain points (before-after comparison of blades).

After a great deal of research, development and testing, the ISELI RZ1 meets the highest requirements of precision and operational conveniences.

The latest CE-regulations are completely observed. The electrical equipment corresponds with IEC-60204-1 standards.

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