• The 3rd axis allows separate sharpening of tooth face and tooth back, improved technology particularly for stellite-tipped and carbide-tipped band saw blades.
  • On the BNP210, the grinding-wheel is driven directly by a revolutionary water-cooled spindle motor (electric load up to 8 KW). High accuracy and performance!
  • Excellent surface finish when using CBN grinding-wheels as well as bakelite grinding-wheels for wet grinding. The BNP200 is equipped with a large bakelite grinding-wheel of 350 mm in diameter.
  • Profile and top/face grinding for standard and stellite- and carbide-tipped band saw blades
  • Tooth shape grinding via X+Y CNC axis (several circle passes of the band saw blade)
  • Tooth shape grinding via W+Y CNC axis (finish-grinding of the fix-clamped tooth or top/face grinding)
  • Electrically controlled central height adjustment for saw blades
  • Electrically controlled cutting angle regulation
  • Operation of the machine by use of a touch screen monitor. Conception and design of the machine are very operator friendly. That means short programming times, rapid familiarisation and flexible deployment of operating personnel at short notice. Special care was taken for an easy and efficient handling.
  • Tooth shapes retrievable from the control unit (standard memory for 99’999 tooth shapes)
  • Metric or imperial measurement system selectable (mm or Inch)
  • Powerful water cooling system with fully enclosed protection hood
  • Driven by servo motors
  • Use of linear roller guides for all CNC axes (stiffer engineering and significantly increased lifetime)
  • CNC-axes and engine room neatly apart from the grinding-room. The accessibility of the maintenance elements and the separation between the machine area and working area make service and maintenance quicker and easier.

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