Ogee Bits for Cupboard Doors

These cutters have a balanced curve for a symmetrical ogee cut. The profiles produced are suited for surface cuts. For edge cutting the 30mm Cutter Dia x 17mm Cutter Height x 6.4mm Shank Dia x 25mm (1") Shank Length Two Flute TCT Ball Bearing Guided Ogee Bit is recommended. The flat bottom cut is ideal when used on the board face.

The Roman Ogee Bit produces a popular mould for raised panel doors. The flat bottom cut produced is an advantage when used on the board face

Size Guide (actual size) Images/Line/p461_line.gif

This diagram shows the profiles produced by the Normal Ogee Bits.

Size Guide (actual size) Images/Line/p493_line.gif

This diagram shows the profile produced by the Roman Ogee Bit

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