New Iseli Machines at Thode Knife and Saw Manufaturing Site Rotorua NZ

New Iseli Machines at Thode Knife and Saw Manufaturing Site Rotorua NZ

April 05, 2024

THODE  KNIFE & SAW’s:  latest machine installations.

The latest install to the THODE Band saw manufacturing plant at 316 Te Ngae Road Rotorua

Two new top of the line Iseli machines, the BNF 100 side grinder and the BNA100 Plasma tipper

These machines are two of the very latest top of the range machine centres supplied by Iseli in Switzerland

Thode are the very proud suppliers of these innovative machines to the saw milling industry.

The BNF100 side grinder

The BNF100 side grinder is capable of side grinding your saws to within several microns per side.

Saw tooth accuracy on both sides is without doubt critical.  

So often the side grinding of a saw will let the saw down, tooth geometry is a critical aspect of saw performance and we need to get it right.  

We all know tooth geometry is first and foremost. Tangential and radial angles are critical for fast straight cutting, these machines achieve that goal.

The accuracy of these machine centre is outstanding. Thode now have two of these installed in our factory so you can be reassured your saws are in spec and ready to cut fast and hard.

The BNA plasma tipper

The BNA plasma tipper is the latest from Iseli.  

This machine melts the tip material into copper contact cups, providing us with the ability to trial various metals not only Stellite to optimise saw performance for very different applications.  

This machine compliments the tipping capabilities of Thode Knife and Saw and sits alongside our two Iseli SAA tippers.

Thode Knife and Saw   constantly work with our customer base to get the very best saw performance out of their operation.

Thode is Innovative in the saw design of both Bandsaws and Circular saws, water cutting tooth profile of variable pitch and depths to finite accuracy, these new machines compliment our manufacturing operation