Iseli principle Philipp Iseli visits Thode Canada’s manufacturing plant in Chilliwack BC

October 19, 2022

From left Philipp Iseli CEO Iseli Swiss Precision, Phillip Higgins Manager Thode Knife & Saw Canada, Kevin Parker CEO Thode Knife & Saw

Thode now in its fourth year providing filing-room solutions with Iseli Machinery and saw blades in Canada after expanding from Australasia where it has been operating for over 75 years. Iseli also in business for over 75 years has had a collaborating partnership with Thode for over 20 years in Australasia and since the inception of Thode Canada.

Our Canadian customers are very supportive of the world class technology being offered by Thode Canada. We have a growing order book of Iseli machines which follow on from installation’s that have proven to increase efficiencies in filing rooms across Canada.

Our bandsaw manufacturing plants also use the latest technology featuring Iseli equipment which is giving customers Canadian made saws of the highest standard and consistency using renown Uddeholm 000 material.

We would like to thank our customers for their support giving us confidence to build a new manufacturing plant in BC and we look forward to building on the relationships and business that is growing as a result.

Please direct your enquiries to Mr Phillip Higgins our Thode Canada Manager.

Tel: +1 (778) 684-6078