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Thode Knife & Saw Newsletter


We are now seeing the market return to normality post Covid lockdown with strong orders for knife steel and bandsaws, we have good stocks and capacity to process your orders quickly.

We introduced variable pitch and depth bandsaws to the market some 4 years ago for wide bandsaws and while not a new concept it wasn’t being done to any degree in New Zealand or Australia. Most saw shops in Australasia have not had the ability to service the saws due to having manual cam operated grinders which are unable to vary the depth. This is changing quite quickly as we have been seeing strong sales of Iseli CNC profile grinders which give the mills the opportunity to transition to variable pitch and depth. We have had reports of increased throughput of up to 20% with some customers as well as a quieter smoother running saw.

We have been selling narrow throw away bandsaw blades with variable pitch successfully for many years as there has been no servicing requirement for these.

For those who are interested in trying variable pitch and depth circular saws in their mill please contact us to discuss the potential benefits of this. We can manufacture and service these saws for those that don’t have in house servicing. We recently sold Niagara Sawmilling a new Iseli CNC Circular grinder that is capable of top, face, profile and bevel of the circular saw blade. (see the separate article on this)

We sold Redstag a complete new Iseli saw shop which is now in its fifth year of operation, this was just recently videoed (in our website video section) and you can see it is still like new as the saw shop team onsite operate the shop with the care and precision of a surgical team at any modern hospital.

Our Auckland Circular Saw & Knife Manufacturing and Servicing site shifted to a new premise three years ago and the work that went into planning the layout and improvement to systems has had great customer outcomes in terms of improved servicing turnaround times for both new manufactured saws and saw servicing. We have focused on staff training across all operational areas which has also added to service capability. You can view both the Auckland and Rotorua sites in the video section on our website.

A Safety note.

We recently had a staff member badly lacerate his hand which required hospitalisation. While we had recently had a safety audit with a favourable outcome just prior to the accident we quickly worked as a team to identify improvements to lessen the likeliness of a future injury. We had a Worksafe Investigation for the accident and they were complimentary of our overall approach which includes well documented training records, hazard identification and management & staff participation into a complete site safety system. We usually only read about prosecutions however our experience with Worksafe has been a positive one and we now have upgraded all the machinery of this type to more robust safety features and introduced a different glove which is safer for our staff. We have also shared this across our other sites so they could also improve their systems.

Iseli KHB110 Niagara Sawmill

Our latest Iseli machine install is the KHB110 circular grinder, the machine has been purchased by Niagara and has been installed in their Kennington Sawmill Sawshop. The KHB110 is unique in that it can top, face and bevel grind TCT and Stellite tipped saw in one pass as well as fully profile fusion welded Stellite saws with just a [...]

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Onefortyone Mt Gambier Australia Iseli RZ1

Onefortyone Mt Gambier Australia recently took delivery of a New Iseli RZ1. Onefortyone's Matt Bowering on the left and Mark Barrington on the right after successful commissioning of their new Iseli RZ1 supplied by Thode Knife & Saw

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A World Leader in Saw Shop Machinery

Thode has been very busy in recent times with Saw shop machinery upgrades. Partnered with Iseli who are recognised as the world leader in Sawmill saw shop machinery Thode has delivered more saw shop solutions to industry in the past three years than it did in the previous ten years.This is a result of unprecedented research and development at Iseli’s [...]

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Variable Pitch and Depth Bandsaws

By: John EisenhutA bit of background on myself, I’ve been in the Saw doctoring industry for a quite a few years now and in those years I’ve experimented a little outside the box with many things over those years. Several in particular, Hit and miss tipping / variable kerf, something I have a huge passion for. But also [...]

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Oil CBN versus Water Miscible

Prepared by: John EisenhutDate: 29/05/2020My thoughts on oil / CBN versus old school vitrified wheels and soluble oil in waterJust for your information and to enlighten everyone on consumables and maintenance on these Iseli saw shop servicing equipment / grinding machines.To date on our site we have had no issues other than a broken belt on a side grinder [...]

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MVM Virtual Fair

The Virtual fair new in 2020The tour offers you the opportunity to see our machines exactly as you might have seen them on our exhibition stand at the big trade fairs, that have now been cancelled by the organizers due to Covid-19 emergency.https://www.mvmsrl.it/en/virtual-fair-mvm.asp

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Iseli stand Ligna 2019

2019 was a huge year both for Thode and Iseli in regard to machinery sales. Kevin Parker from Thode worked on the Iseli stand representing New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The flow on machinery sales achieved since Ligna has been extremely encouraging and is a testament to the brand and service.

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Thode at the Kanefusa Seminar during Ligna 2019

Kevin Parker and Darren Clissold (2nd and 4th from right) representing Thode at the Kanefusa Seminar during Ligna 2019

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New Iseli install in Australia

Troy Kidman and Matt Laity of AKD Colac next to one of their new Iseli BNP200’s. Thode recently supplied AKD with 2 of Iseli’s latest 3 axis BNP200 profile complete with automatic tooth tracing along with a new Iseli SAA tipper, these machines compliment the Iseli 4 axis side grinder (EM300) and the Iseli RZ1 auto bench purchased 2 years [...]

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